We aim to create a thirst for innovation and an ecosystem where students can think, learn and formulate a business plan of their own. Our purpose stands to help the aspiring entrepreneurs weave their stories of success by becoming the powerful business leaders they believe to be.
Entrepreneurship calls for dynamic perspectives to rise in the world of creators. The potential to reshape one’s ideas into fully-fledged products is an indispensable step for building a startup.
Innovation is the silver lining to the cloud of thoughts. An ingenious innovation with the capacity to build better products and services with constant improvement gives an edge in the market.
No product serves a purpose until it reaches the curated customer base. A successful entrepreneur never fails to contemplate the significance of strategic selling. One decides the face of one’s product in the market.
Once the steady growth line is visible, prosperity traces back. Thereby comes the phase of profits, increased demands and consumption, marked by the rise in one’s standard of living.




Ideathon is about curating ideas and contemplating their probable benefit to the society. It's rightly said, "A good idea becomes great when you let it out." It's an opportune moment for you to propose a rational solution to the challenges existing in the society or come forth with the best possible mix of idea and innovation, offering authentic products to the society.


An inventive mind creates resourceful products inspired from the best. Designing software based products with accurate amounts of innovation, design and user-friendly techniques to solve the given problems is the gist of any Hackathon. Connect with like-minded people to combine your enthusiasm levels to come up with authentic software solutions.


Ideas require an environment to connect before turning into viable products. Productathon is a medium through which one can pitch in these ideas regarding problem statements assigned to the tech-enthusiasts by building prototypes of their products as proofs of concept. A top-notch product ensures economical feasibility, environment sustainability and advancement in technology.


Entrepreneurship is a dynamic concept. It changes as the nations develop. The millennials aiming to be the exemplar figures of tomorrow ought to keep themselves informed of the history and future of entrepreneurship as success in any domain demands awareness. Test your knowledge and responsiveness in the field of entrepreneurship through the E-Quiz.


Hear directly from the leading high-tech entrepreneurs about how they turned their thoughts into success stories. Get energised and stimulate your entrepreneurial interests as the independent business leaders render the insider knowledge through their experience. Interact and learn from the exemplar figures as you embark your journey of being the next visionary entrepreneur.

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